The Kegel Male Training System
The Kegel Male Training System

The Kegel Male Trainer is a registered and patent approved product

The Kegel Male Trainer is a US patent product

US patent no. 
7,448,989  and US patent no. 7,086,998   titled : "Male exercise device, Inventor, Al Dana”

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What is the Kegel Male Trainer?

The Kegel Male Exercise Trainer (a.k.a. The Stud Trainer) is a weight resistance trainer and male Kegel exercise device that improves the male penile region.  This PC muscle exerciser can be a safer alternative to pharmaceutical male enhancement products. These Kegel exercises provide a natural substitute for pills such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, without negative side effects and risks.

Product Overview


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What are the benefits of the Kegel Male Trainer?

Enhanced feeling of masculinity   
Increased erection and performance
Reduction of premature ejaculation         
Multiple orgasms
Penis enlargement         
Increased marital satisfaction
Raised testosterone levels        
Loss of pectoral and waist flab
Better overall muscle tone
Increased sexual stamina during lovemaking
Reduction or elimination of urinal incontinence
Enhanced prostate health and function

The Kegel Male Trainer is a safe and proven device for achieving male enhancement, which delivers sexual and overall male rejuvenation, which is total and complete.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

How Does the Kegel Male Trainer work?

The trainer functions as a resistance exercise device, targeting the three major muscles contained in the penis. These three muscles are believed to begin their natural atrophy after the age of 18. Using lightly weighted ball bearings of appropriate numbers (1 to 4 balls; weighing 2.5 ounces each), the training apparatus targets the male Pubococcygeus, (PC muscle), Bulbocavernosus and Ishiocavernosus muscles.  The Trainer also strengthens the Tunica Albuginea, anal sphincter and Urogenetial diaphragm. Strengthening these tissues has been reported to produce penis enlargement and increased testosterone levels.  A Total Male Rejuvenation and exercise regimen of two to three times a week for a period of a few months will give maximum effect. 

Who invented the Kegel Male Trainer?

The Kegel Male Trainer was created by Florida entrepreneur and inventor, Al Dana.  He created the trainer after, in his late 40’s, he experienced his own problems with premature ejaculation and stress urinary incontinence. While studying Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, which depicts the penis as the Sun being central to the whole and flourishing man, he came upon the revelations leading to this invention.
Dana believes this implementation of the Kegel exercise has benefits for men by tapping into the body’s own source code thereby maintaining masculinity and enhancing testosterone levels via the phallus. "This is one of the many secrets, if not the most important, hidden within this wonderful work of art," Dana said.

Kegel Male’s Awarded Patents

The Kegel Male Trainer has been endorsed by world-renowned holistic practicioner Dr. William Wong, who has spoken about the Kegel device on national radio shows.   The Kegel Male Trainer has been awarded two U.S. Federal Patents titled "Male Exercise Device" (USPTO Numbers 7,086,998 and 7,448,989). It holds 15 irrefutable claims.
The Kegel Male Trainer is a US patent product

Psychological and Sociological Implications of the Kegel Male Trainer

The Kegel Male Trainer is based, in part, on medical premises extended to psychological and sociological theory. He believes that the natural "withering" of phallic strength produces psychological and physiological weaknesses damaging to males. According to Dana, this withering process is the chief cause of urinary incontinence, increased prostate cancer risk, premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction. He suggests that weak erections and ejaculations can, in extreme cases, lead to what is known in medical circles as the "micro penis". Such dysfunction, Dana theorizes, contributes to sexual dissatisfaction in relations as well as obsessions, such as pornography.

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